Apple iPhone 4S Leads Gracefully

This has been an incredible few days. We have seen the all-new Kindle Fire, Adobe’s acquisition of Typekit and PhoneGap, and now the new iPhone 4S from Apple.

Physically the iPhone has not changed much. A new dual core A5 processor, antenna and camera have been sprinkled on but this is not that exciting.

Sure, we get 2X page rendering in mobile Safari. Faster HTML5 canvas and smoother CSS3 transitions, animations and transforms. Who can complain. However, my eyes trail to the iPhone landing page with more excitement.

The Website

If you visit the website in a Webkit browser everything will look great! If you check it out in Firefox you will find something surprising. Apple is using graceful degradation!

The iPhone images don’t have clean edges and the drop shadows make it look subpar. At least kill the drop shadows man.

If you look closely you will find Apple has decided to use -webkit-mask along with all kinda of goodies. This leaves those outside of Webkit with a less than perfect experience.

Perfectly fine by me! I can not say it loud enough. I’m super happy about it actually.

This is a big player telling the world that CSS3 is acceptable. Now, I know they have been doing this kind of thing for a while but this landing page is a big win.

Lead on Apple!