Interview with Chris Coyier

In this interview I wanted to speak with Chris Coyier about unicorns and rainbows. However, he convinced me that CSS was a much better topic. Chris is the coauthor of “Digging into WordPress” and creator of CSS Tricks. Chris is a world known CSS expert and HTML guru. He also works at Wufoo making web forms fun, easy and modern.

I hope you enjoy this interview and learn a few things in the process. I think Chris is one of the funnest people to meet and talk to so I know you will love this interview. I also would like to thank Chris for taking the time to do this interview and share his thought with us today.
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15 thoughts on “Interview with Chris Coyier”

  1. For me, the most useful aspect of this interview was the reassuring commonality – starting from your ‘tinker stage’, learning the ‘box-model’ and ‘floats’, then the ‘cross-browser bugs’ which plague many as they’re just starting out – and eventually the transformation from learning CSS, to learning how to deploy it effectively.

    I believe all designers/developers in some way go through a similar process, and no matter where you are along the way, I’m sure this will aid and inspire.

    Good stuff guys, time well spent.

    1. Thanks Ralph, this is so true. Play, make than enhance.

      PHP, CSS, HTML it doesn’t matter. Get dirty and make mistakes.

  2. Thanks chaps.

    It was interesting to hear your thoughts about not blowing all your trump cards too early in the css

    …and almost never using id’s …it feels like going commando, ha, like it!

  3. Following Chris all over the web like a groupie, it is great to hear where he comes from – so much similar to my own bio, the start from Macromedia Flash, first job as graphic designer, than getting thirsty to learn this cool web stuff… so this really gives me courage to continue playing with WP.
    And yes, “Digging Into WP” is not only a great book to learn some really nice tricks, it’s also very funny!
    Dabbling FTW! :)

  4. Very informative interview! Always great information with some humor to keep things far from seeming too dry.

    One rule of thumb I usually go by, is to try to keep ID selectors down to the bare minimum by only using them to describe completely unique things, such as a static Menu Bar or as Kevin had mentioned a #page ID or something.

  5. Great interview! I always enjoy hearing Chris speak. He’s a huge talent in the industry and a great speaker. I’ve learned so much from his site CSS-Tricks as well as the book that he co-authored Digging into WordPress, which is a great read for any aspiring WordPress / Theme developers. Perhaps you could get him on the Web Weekly Podcast for another interview Kevin.

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