Interview with Paul Boag

In this video I speak with Paul Boag about the Boagworld podcast and how it relates to his success. Paul has hosted the award winning Boagworld podcast for many year. He is an adviser, partner at Headscape, professional speaker and author of the “Website Owner Manual“.

In this interview Paul dives into his path as a professional and how he came to podcasting. I highly respect Paul. Through his podcast I found my start in web design. I hope you enjoy this interview. Thanks Paul!

One thought on “Interview with Paul Boag”

  1. I too have taken a lot from the Boagworld web design podcast. Through it I discovered such things as responsive web design, wireframing, and countless other good practises. I would not be the web designer I am if it wasn’t for Paul (and even more so Nat Smith, who told me about the podcast).

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