Interview with Saul Colt

In this interview I speak with Saul Colt about the Freshbooks redesign, customers and start a web service. Saul has been an advocate for Freshbooks for some time. He has helped develop their brand and community over the years with great success.

I hope you enjoy this interview and gain a new prospective on working with customers, building new features and finding your passion. Saul is a great person and is super enthusiastic about Freshbooks. I use Freshbooks personally for my own invoicing and I was not paid to interview Saul.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Saul Colt”

  1. Thank you for doing these interviews, and making them available. But, in my opinion, they could be so much better if audio-only versions were made available (MP3s, preferably), for all of us who prefer to consume such material when working out, driving, etc.

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