Interview with Miro Keller

In this interview I speak with Miro Keller. Miro is the founder of the AXR project. The AXR project is not only open source but also aims to transform the foundations of web design and development. At first glace the project seems like a long shot, but the deeper you go the more you learn.

I hope you enjoy this interview. I personally endorse the AXR project for its creativity and innovative ideas. As you will see Miro is passionate about the AXR project and very sharp when it comes to web standards. Thanks Miro!

Interview with Dan Rubin

In this interview I speak with Dan Rubin about design and ask if a web designer should code. Dan is the owner of Webgraphinc and co-author of Web Standard Creativity, Pro CSS Techniques and Cascading Style Sheets.

I hope you enjoy this interview as Dan talks about his thoughts on web design and the community at large. Dan is an excellent designer and I am honored to have the opportunity to share this interview with you today.
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Interview with Saul Colt

In this interview I speak with Saul Colt about the Freshbooks redesign, customers and start a web service. Saul has been an advocate for Freshbooks for some time. He has helped develop their brand and community over the years with great success.

I hope you enjoy this interview and gain a new prospective on working with customers, building new features and finding your passion. Saul is a great person and is super enthusiastic about Freshbooks. I use Freshbooks personally for my own invoicing and I was not paid to interview Saul.

Interview with Ari Stiles

In this interview I speak with Ari Stiles about the online conferences at Environments For Humans and how it all started. Ari has been in the web community for some time and has worked with SXSW and helped build In Control. Both Ari and Christopher Schmitt have truly uncovered something great with E4H.

Ari is a great person and friend. She is very active in the web community and continues to reach out and bring the webs best and their knowledge to everyone though the conferences. I really hope you enjoy my chat with Ari and get a closer look behind the curtain. Thanks Ari!

Interview with Paul Boag

In this video I speak with Paul Boag about the Boagworld podcast and how it relates to his success. Paul has hosted the award winning Boagworld podcast for many year. He is an adviser, partner at Headscape, professional speaker and author of the “Website Owner Manual“.

In this interview Paul dives into his path as a professional and how he came to podcasting. I highly respect Paul. Through his podcast I found my start in web design. I hope you enjoy this interview. Thanks Paul!

Interview With Rogie King

In this interview I speak with Rogie King about design and the process of getting for start to finish. Along the way we take a detour and juggle the ideas behind being genuine and enthusiastic. Rogie is the brain behind Komodo Media and a skilled designer in the web community.

In this episode I take a step back and let technology be technology. I hope you enjoy our conversation and gain as much as I have from it. Here is a big thanks to Rogie. Enjoy everyone!

Interview with Chris Coyier

In this interview I wanted to speak with Chris Coyier about unicorns and rainbows. However, he convinced me that CSS was a much better topic. Chris is the coauthor of “Digging into WordPress” and creator of CSS Tricks. Chris is a world known CSS expert and HTML guru. He also works at Wufoo making web forms fun, easy and modern.

I hope you enjoy this interview and learn a few things in the process. I think Chris is one of the funnest people to meet and talk to so I know you will love this interview. I also would like to thank Chris for taking the time to do this interview and share his thought with us today.

Interview with Denise Jacobs

In this interview I speak with Denise Jacobs about being creative. Denise has been writing and speaking about creativity for some time now. She has influenced web designers around the world with her articles on A List Apart, “Banishing Your Inner Critic” and “Reigniting Your Creative Spark” as well as her books The CSS Detective Guide and InterAct With Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design.

It has been a true pleasure to speak with Denise. Her enthusiasm is contagious.  I hope that you take away as much as I have from this interview. There are so many great people in this world who give you that spark. Denise is among the best of them.

Interview with Shaun Inman

In this interview with Shaun Inman I ask about his success and how he got into making apps. Shaun has been making web apps and iPhone apps for some time now. He is the creator of Mint and Fever. Two very successful web apps. He is also the creator of two iPhone apps, “The Last Rocket” and “Horror Vacui“, among other things.

Shaun is a truly amazing developer and designer. A mix you do not see often. If you have experienced his work, you know what I’m talking about. Mr. Inman is also full of great advice and stories. As a truly inspirational person I know you will watch this interview again and again.

After the interview Shaun told me that he misspoke about taking French in “College”. He meant to say “High School”.


Making WordPress Custom Post Types and Fields

This is the first video of the WordPress Ultra Mega Custom Post Type Series. Today I cover how to use the super powerful plugins Custom Post Type UI and Advanced Custom Fields. These plugin will help you create custom fields and custom fields without knowing any code.

The video will show you how to create your own custom post types, custom fields with meta boxes and adding those fields to your theme.

Making Custom Post Types and Fields Video