Google+ Hangout Success

Today I got to visit the family for my little brothers birthday party. It was amazing. My family is super awesome! I am so blessed. After the party came to an end and gifts were unwrapped I headed off to “Hangout” Google+ style.

Today’s meetup was really sweet. Not only did I get to chat with new and old friends I got to do it from my parents house. How awesome is the internet.

In attendance we had Joe, Trey, little bro, me, the guests wives in the background and my mother in that last few minutes. I must say it was relaxing and fun. I would like to say it felt like home… but I was… so, I can’t say that objectively.

Regardless, this was my second Google+ Hangout and it as a success.

We spoke about life, responsive web design, IE, browser stats, IT management, learning to code, jQuery, design and programing patterns, working at an agency, and so many more things that I can not remember. I can’t wait until next time!