Is TextMate 2.0 late to the party?

I should make it clear I do not own TextMate. Old or new. Still it is hard not to know about it with so many developers touting it over the years. Specifically now with the new version on the horizon.

It was only a few days ago made known through an email that TextMate 2 would have its alpha release by the end of the year. This surprised me quite a bit. I personally thought that TextMate had seen its day. Sublime Text 2, BBEdit, Vim and now Chocolat easily taking its place. The buzz was noticeable.

However, I held off posting about this (as requested) until an official press release was made. It has. So now, I talk; lets start with the reason I have not purchased TextMate.

As you might have guessed, it’s because it has not been updated in ages. And, I don’t plan to anytime soon.

First, because the timing seems to be a last stand for its market share… just now with Sublime and Chocolat taking its spotlight. Second, because I don’t want to wait as long for version 3 once this one hits the market. Bad patterns man.

The lesson, ignore your community long enough. Not saying a word. They might just dump you for some action, even if you are the hottest stuff around.

P.S. I think TextMate has made it clear that great lasts a long time. But, maybe not forever. Only time will tell.
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Zen Coding: write HTML like CSS

I love Zen Coding, it makes writing HTML super easy. It also help me push the painful plain text files I get from clients all the time into HTML.

Zen Coding was launched on Smashing Magazine a while back by Sergey. However, I wanted to review Zen Coding for Sublime Text 2 since I just got a license for the editor yesterday.

Zen Coding for Sublime Text 2

Zen Coding: write HTML like CSS from Kevin Dees on Vimeo.

You can find a full list of supported editors on

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Text Editors and an IDE

Thank God Dreamweaver is not the only tool for making websites. There are plenty of text editors and IDE’s out there to play with. Remember, you can use more than one editor: right tool for the right job.

IDE and Text Editors from Kevin Dees on Vimeo.


Notepad++ is a free editor for Windows. I think it is the best tool for learning to write HTML.

Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler is the Notepad++ for Mac. The editor is a slimed down version of BBEdit but free.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text 2 will set you back about $60 but it’s the good transition from free to paid. My friends keep telling me how great it is. Heck, it plays will with any operating system… why not give it a go.


Coda is great for banging out HTML and CSS quickly. However, I don’t use Coda much else but who said you can only use one editor. You will put aside around $100 for this app too.


If you want to do some heavy programming in PHP or Java this is the IDE. Eclipse is slow but can be powerful if you know what you are doing.